how to raise chickens in fall what should you pay attention

Fall chicks may require a longer time in the brooder to replenish their heat than spring-reared chicks. But otherwise, the brooding process is largely the same. Chicks should be raised in brooders until they are fully feathered. Brooders can be purchased at the store or homemade. The most important thing of how to raise chickens in fall is that they are placed in a controlled environment that will provide the chicks with a consistent temperature of 95 degrees for the first week or so. As the chicks grow, we can lower the temperature of the brooder by 5 degrees each week. By about 5 to 6 weeks of age, they can tolerate an outdoor temperature of 70 degrees. Now they can go on small excursions as they would in the warmer months.

Raising chicks in the fall means a delay in the first molt of the young birds. Molting is a natural process that occurs every year and allows chickens to grow a new set of feathers. It most often occurs before winter, and the exact timing depends on factors such as breed, age and season. Because chicks delay their molt until a certain number of eggs are laid, molting usually occurs when feathers are a bit old and worn. Chicks hatched in the fall have an advantage over spring chicks because their feathers are still young and healthy...

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