How To Make Straw Into Mechanism Charcoal

The grain has been harvested, and the straw becomes a problem for everyone. To solve this problem, turn the straw becomes a mechanism charcoal, and the straw charcoal machine helps you to complete it. How does the straw charcoal machine turn the straw into mechanism charcoal? This article will introduce this machine in detail. 

charcoal briquette machine

How To Make Straw Into Mechanism Charcoal

1. Raw material purchase: Purchased waste straw as raw material for charcoal making machine.  

2. Crusher: Crushing the straw into a particle size of 5mm to 10mm as the raw material.  

3. Dryer: Drying the crushed materials, the humidity is 8% to 12%.

4. Conveyor belt: Going through the conveyor belt to transfer the dried materials to the charcoal briquette machine.

5. Charcoal briquette machine: Going through the process of high pressure and high temperature, squeezing the material into a solid rod with a central hole.

6. Carbonization furnace: The solid rods are finished, after undergoing high-temperature retorting of the carbonization furnace to form charcoal.

7. Cooling: After the carbonization of the carbonization furnace, the finished charcoal after cooling is the mechanism charcoal.

8. Packaging machine: The finished charcoal is packaged and can be sold.

charcoal briquette production line

An Important Link In The Production Of Mechanism Charcoal

There are four important links in the production of charcoal machine equipment, crushing-drying-charcoal making-carbonization. Only by grasping these four links can we produce high-quality mechanism charcoal.

charcoal briquette production line

The most important link in the production of charcoal machine equipment is carbonization. It must be sealed during the carbonization process. If it is not sealed, it cannot be carbonized. In addition, the carbonization time must reach 8 to 12 hours to avoid carbonization incomplete. Charcoal briquette production line equipment not only solves the problem of straw but also makes the...

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