How To Make Livestock Feed With A Pellet Mill

Livestock feed pellets are a type of feed with a combination of several raw materials including cereals, seeds, various forms of straws, legumes, minerals and vitamins and additives for preservation and making the feed palatable. There are many ways to make livestock feed pellets, but the most easy and convenient is using the pellet mill machine. Below is detailed process of how to make livestock feed with a pellet mill. 

pellet mill machine

1. Preparation of raw materials

Raw materials are prior stored in silos or tanks for effective preservation. This stage involves assembling, weighing, crushing and mixing of ingredients. Note that the choice of ingredients should be guided by the need of your livestock and nutritionists input. Weigh the ingredients according to the formula given, design and the size of the pellet mill machine.

2. Initial crushing

The second stage involves mixing of ingredients in a pellet mill. The materials are crushed using a feed hammer mill. The process results in ingredients reduced in size. The materials are also aerated and additives mixed with other raw materials.

3. Preparation of mixture of molasses

This is a continuation of the initial crushing. Liquid molasses mixture is blended into the other materials.

4. Second and final crushing

Materials are crushed to fine powder. This is done using a feed pellet mixing machine.

5. Pellet making

Involves production of small pellets. To extract the pellets, the fine powder is passed through a feed pellet making machine. The pellets are allowed to dry before being packaged.

6. Packaging

This is the last stage of pellet making process. packing is done by...

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