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How To Make Aquatic Feed

Fusmar Machinery is a professional aquatic fish meal production line supplier, this article will introduce aquaculture in detail. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food industry on the world. Making aquatic animals grow faster, it is necessary to first understand their nutritional requirements and feed production techniques. Aquatic feed production from steam pelletizing almost completely into extrusion ripening. One of the advantages of extrusion is that it can make floating fish feed, which allows the farmer to estimate how much feed the fish will eat based on the amount of feed left on the surface.


Aquatic Feed Pellet Selection

Overfeeding not only causes waste, increases production costs, but also pollutes the environment. Although extrusion can reduce the utilization of certain nutrients in the feed, it is still the preferred choice of the breeding farm, the fish can feed properly and the fish situation can better control, the breeders can see with their own eyes.

Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Technology

Most fish feeds are floating or slow sinking feeds, which are made by extrusion technology. The extrusion process is the same as pelletization, the raw materials from the bin are in the extruder, and the suitable boring, screw and shearing lock configurations are used to create suitable processing conditions for fish feed. The material is extruded into a certain shape and cut into a certain size, and then sent to the drying machine or cooling machine for drying and cooling. Farms get the most benefit from extrusion.


Aquatic Feed Production Line Design

Feed raw materials are stored in the hammer mill bin or raw material bin through the feeding system. Feed raw materials can be individually crushed and then batched together with vitamin premix, mineral premix, feed additives and liquid raw materials. 

The raw materials also can batch before crushing, and then the vitamin premix, mineral premix, feed additives and liquid raw materials batch mixing, stirring together. Hammer mill systems are ideal for handling highly oily raw materials such as fish meal and poultry offal meal. They also can mix with grain ingredients such as wheat or solvent-extracted oil meal.

The post-crushing system is equipped with buffer bin to store the crushed materials, which are sent to the mixer and then shaped. The reason this system is used by most aquatic feed production line is that feed mills use a variety of by-products as feed materials, and...

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