How to maintain rice mill production line properly ?

Carefully and practically do well in the maintenance of the rice mill production line better, so that you can maintain in good working attitude.


First, the surface of the roller used in the rice mill plant should be level, the rice knife or sieving bar should be vertical without gaps, the rice sieve connector should be flush, the screw booster should be flush with the roller, and the roller and roller connector should be a flush direction.
Secondly, the roller rolling equipment should be kept in common with the spindle bearing to do a good job of balance and dynamic balance of the rotor. When the assembly rice mill plant is sprayed with rheumatism rollers, the rheumatism spray groove and the rheumatism spray hole on the spindle bearing must be pointed to prevent displacement.
After the spiral booster and the protruding rib of the feed iron roller are damaged, they should be replaced immediately.
The rice sieve is usually applied after one work shift, and it should be replaced around or up and down.
Rice knives and sieve bars are usually used for one work shift and should be turned around or replaced left and right.
The input of the rice knife can be slightly larger when it is close to the whitening chamber, and the entrance and exit are slightly smaller. "Inverted drag" is forbidden, that is, the entrance is small, and the entrance and exit are slightly larger.
Again, the adjustment parts such as the working pressure gate of the rice outlet, the steam control valve of the feed, the adjustment screw for the victory or defeat of the rice knife, and the adjustment organization of the gas should be kept flexible.
The rice screen is kept intact during the feeding. After each shift, the congestion on the screen must be cleaned to maintain smooth feeding.
Finally, often check the belt tension, such as the air-jet rice machine, double-roll rice machine, you should pay attention to the upper chamber main shaft bearing pushing the lower chamber main shaft bearing, or pushing the air-jet centrifugal fan main shaft bearing belt tension.
The spindle-bearing speed ratio does not need to be changed casually. If it is necessary to change, it should be approved by the production process unit, and it should be noted that the centrifugal fan speed ratio remains unchanged to prevent the actual effect of rheumatism from being harmed.


Check the chaff suction status anytime and anywhere. The centrifugal fan and the ventilation duct for sucking and transporting the chaff are checked once a month at least to eliminate the chaff accumulation.
Import and export trade shaft sleeves should be replaced when they are about to wear out.
You should also pay attention to cleaning the rolling bearings on time and filling them...

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