How to inspect a used tractor before purchase ?

You’ve been scouring the classifieds and auction sections of the Farm and Dairy and you think you’ve found a good deal on a tractor. It’s time to take a closer look.
Jason Hartschuh, ag and natural resources extension agent in Crawford County, Ohio, offered these tips for inspecting a used tractor during a talk at the 2017 Farm Science Review.

Shiny paint looks nice but can also hide the tractor’s history. Take a closer look. Lots of dents could mean the previous owner did not take care of the peanut sheller machine. Check for wear on the drawbar and three-point hitch and check controls for linkage wear. Inspect the frame and axles for any signs of repair welds.
Look for caked dirt around fittings or joints, which could be a sign of a leak, and check the front and rear engine transmission seals. If filters look old, it may be a sign of how long the tractor has been sitting. Check the oil level and quality on the dipstick; look for any creaminess or signs of water in the oil.

2.Start it up
Once the tractor fires up, check for blue, white or continuous black smoke. The smoke should clear quickly unless the tractor is under load. Listen for any taps in the engine. Open the radiator to look for bubbles; open the engine fill port to observe for gases, and...

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