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How To Improve The Economic Benefit Of Breeding Shrimp/Fish Feed Machine

The fish feed machine is an indispensable equipment to make aquatic feed pellets, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional shrimp fish feed machine manufacturer, this article will introduce how to improve the economic benefit of breeding shrimp in detail.

Feeding produced the residual bait and feces are the key to the source of water quality and sediment components. Only improving the physical properties of the feed and feeding mode, the water quality and sediment quality can finally alleviate. However, for different breeding stages, quantitative feeding, accurate management, and selection of suitable feed pellet size are the key to improve shrimp growth rate and aquaculture efficiency.

The Development Of Shrimp Breeding

Affected factors such as climate anomalies, germplasm degradation, and continuous cropping obstacles in farming ponds, the disease is frequent and shrimps are becoming more and more difficult to raise! Many farmers have become confused and have changed other varieties. However, some farmers still insist on raising shrimps, shifting the farming mode from soil pond farming to more controllable, higher-successful industrialization, and shrimp shed farming, and have achieved good profits in the context of widespread market losses.


For the factory and shed shrimp farming mode, in addition to timely eliminating the residual bait and feces at the bottom, selecting feed with good physical properties and conducting reasonable quantitative feeding management is the key to improving the success rate of breeding. Only effective changes in feed utilization efficiency and feeding management mode can ultimately improve water quality, and create a good living environment for shrimp.

How To Improve The Physical Properties Of Feed Pellets

Generally, the hard pellet material has poor water resistance, and the nutrient substance has a high dissolution rate in water, which not only causes waste but also seriously affects the growing environment of the shrimp. In addition, hard pellets generally use high levels of starch as a binder, high sugar will increase the metabolic burden of the liver and pancreas, causing disease outbreaks.



So what kind of physical properties of feed can improve the shrimp breeding environment? The advanced granulation technology of fully matured feed using low starch content can solve the problem of feed adhesion. The whole ripening material produced in the water is soft and not scattered. It is in line with the characteristics of prawn feeding and is not easy to produce debris. At the same time, less starch addition and higher ripening degree can significantly improve the digestibility of shrimp, reduce the metabolic burden of liver and pancreas, and the feces discharged from shrimp are easy to form, significantly reducing water pollution. These physical properties of the fully cooked ingredients make it the preferred feed for factory shed shrimp farmers. The choice of shrimp fish feed machine to make feed pellets is especially important.

Quantitative Feeding Management

Quantitative feeding management is the key to successful aquaculture, directly determining the growth rate of shrimp and the ultimate aquaculture yield benefit. If the feed is insufficient, it will affect the growth of the shrimp, if it is fed in excess, it will not only waste the feed but also pollute the water quality and the substrate.

To quantify the feeding management, choose the appropriate fish feed pellets size. At present, the market is more confused about the feeding...

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