How to feed bird ?

Fish and shrimp are rich in animal protein and mineral content. They are an important ingredient required for caged bird and courtship breeding period. Small fresh fish and shrimps can be  fed with directly , whiskers and claws removed. But the fish and shrimps are dried and grind mixing with other materials materials in most cases. Other animal meat feeds should be washed and cut into fine dices, and fed with food cuts.

Animal powders include fish meal, blood meal, meat meal, silkworm pupa meal and so on. Fish meal is not suitable for marine fish meal, but light fish meal.

The method is remove the internal organs of fish, loach, etc., wash and dry it, then pulverize into powder by feed crusher machine. The feeding method is the same as silkworm pupa powder, fly larva powder, and milk powder. It is usually fed after mixing with milk powder, but the fish meal should not exceed 30%.


Meat slurry powder: 80% lean meat slurry, 10% soybean meal, 10% corn meal, which are extruded by bird food production line after stirring. If birds have a loss of appetite, you can put some sugar in the food and add a little water.It’s better to put some live insects such as grain-eaters and spiders,  it will cause The interest in researching food can easily restore appetite because after the birds eat the insects. The animal feed of caged birds is very perishable. If the breeder does not pay attention, it is still used to feed the birds. The mild one will cause diarrhea, and the severe one will be poisoned and die. Even if these feeds are used as mixed feeds after being dried, they can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases in birds. Therefore, animal...

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