How to design rice processing project ?

As the world’s most popular staple food, rice is widely cultivated. However, paddy cannot be eaten in its raw form and needs to be processed. Rice mill plant are nowadays built with state-of-the-art technologies to yield excellent quality of rice-efficiently and with rich returns. A high degree of automation, as well as a smooth and simple process flow, ensures minimum wastage and maximum output. Multiple processes like Paddy’s Cleaning, Hulling, Whitening, Polishing are needed to be designed perfectly to give high returns on investment as well as tasty and flavorful rice for the consumers. 

The Strengths Of Total Capability
The rice processing plant is a marvel of modern technology as it employs a high degree of automation. The processes need to flow into each other with optimum efficiency. Besides, there are numerous factors to be considered while building a completely new plant. As the premiere Rice Mill Engineers & Designers, we have expertise in all the fields like designing and procuring needed before manufacturing, erecting, as well as everything necessary for commissioning complex, advanced installations with world-class technologies. The customer-centric services ensure technicians and engineers are in place, that extend close interaction & critical advice at each stage. 


Zeno farm machinery offer the entire set of expertise needed to set up the highly automated plant including grain handling, grain processing systems, storage, packing, power supplies...

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Zeno Farm Machinery established in 2012, we are professional manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and trading, we are committed to farm agriculture machine line from grain thresher machine, corn grinder machine, rice mill machine,grain cleaner machine for years, We have 80 staff members and 16 technicians of research team. So we have more competitive strength, advanced processing technology and scientific management.

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