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How To Design A Feed Production Line

The complete feed production line refers to the equipment of the processing from the material initial state until the finished product of the feed pellets, composed of feed pellet production device. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet production line manufacturer, this article will introduce how to design a feed production in detail.

All Aspects Of The Feed Production Line

Generally, all aspects of the feed production line are clear. Feed machinery and equipment usually include crushing equipment, granulating equipment, conveying equipment, cooling and drying equipment, screening equipment, packaging equipment, other auxiliary equipment, and so on. It is mainly designed according to the customer's raw material conditions, plant size, and customer requirements, thus forming a reasonable and practical feed pellet production line. Generally, before the customer prepares to invest in the project and design production line. The design plan will base on the information such as the plant area and the time production volume of the production line, thereby giving certain technical guidance.

feed pellet production line

How To Design A Feed Pellet Production Line

1. Determine the processing scale of the feed mill.

2. Determine the feed processing technology and select related equipment.

3. The choice of control mode.

4. The choice of plant structure form.

5. Plan the general plane of the plant.

feed production line

Two Points That Should Pay Attention To Feed Pellet Plant

Mixing uniformity

The premixed feed requires high uniformity because most of the active ingredients are trace elements and vitamins, and some of the ingredients in the feed account for only one in 100,000. Therefore, the uniformity of the premixed feed is required to avoid excessive or too little intake of trace components. When the mixed unevenly feed processed through the feed production line, the trace components of the processed compound feed are not evenly distributed, which does not meet the growing needs of livestock and poultry.

animal feed pellets

Residual amount

It causes unevenness between each batch of feed. The premixed feed spirally conveyed to the bottom of the package through the auxiliary box to participate...

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