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How much is a jaw crusher?

The jaw crusher machine can be said to be the pioneer of the sandstone market. With its strong crushing force, wide adaptability to materials and high production capacity, it is popular in the market. Recently, more and more users consulted the jaw crusher price. In order to let users know more about their prices, the following is a detailed analysis for everyone.


The market price of the smashing type of stone crushing machine ranges from several hundred thousand to several million. The price is affected by various reasons, such as product specifications and models, technology, manufacturers and other factors. The following is the reason for everyone. Pay more attention when they purchasing this equipment.

The first product specifications and models - there are many manufacturers of jaw crushers, the equipment produced by each manufacturer is different, and the specifications and models of the equipment produced by each manufacturer are also different, which is produced by the Red Star machine manufacturer. Jaw crusher as an example:

There are 8 types of CJ series European jaw crusher: including CJ96, CJ106, CJ150, CJ160, CJ1511, CJ1513, etc.

There are five types of German jaw crusher: HD72 (57), HD86 (69), HD110 (912), HD125, etc.

There are 22 types of jaw crushers: PE400×600, PE500×750, PE600×900, PE900×1200, etc.

The above are just regular production, ftm machine manufacturers also support professional customization according to user needs, but remind users that because of different types of equipment, its feed size, finished product specifications, and...

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