How an automatic flushing system can reduce the use of antibiotics

How an automatic flushing system can reduce the use of antibiotics

Consumers worldwide start to worry about the use of antibiotics in livestock production and their effect on human health. Antibiotic-free chicken is increasingly becoming the standard for supermarkets and restaurants. To produce poultry without using antibiotics, poultry farmers have to pay more attention to hygiene and the health of the broilers. Water hygiene is an important part of this.


Reducing the use of antibiotics

The fear of resistance has prompted an increasing number of countries to ban the use of antibiotics in livestock production. This means that many poultry farmers have to manage their poultry in a different way. The main point is to improve hygiene in and around the poultry houses. After the supply of healthy day-old chicks, it is the task of the poultry farmer to keep them healthy.

All possible ways in which pathogens can enter the house should be monitored. Potential factors include water, feed, vermin, personnel and farm equipment. Without antibiotics, there is no last line of defence, so pathogens must be stopped before they reach the animals. Improving overall hygiene is an important part of this. This also applies to the drinking water system.


Improving water quality

Generally broilers consume 1.8 to 2 times more water per day than feed. When that water is polluted, the couple will perform less and suffer from gut health problems.

With the introduction of drinking nipple systems to replace open water systems, the quality of drinking water has improved considerably. Yet modern drinking systems only have added value if the lines are kept clean and the water does not contain any harmful bacteria. The main danger here is the forming of biofilm on the inside of the pipework. This biofilm acts as a food source for harmful organisms that can be spread through the water.

To maintain the water quality, poultry farmers must use effective disinfectants to keep the drinking lines free of biofilm. In an antibiotic-free production, it is important to regularly check the quality of the original water sources and to carefully clean the lines and drinking...

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