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How about the bio fertilizer production

How about the bio fertilizer production

The bio organic fertilizer granulator is also a new kind of organic fertilizer granulator.The bio organic fertilizer granulator to be produced still have some differences from the organic fertilizer granulator.But how we to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator?

Now with the development of the fertilizer manufacturing process,more fertilizer machines of producing the fertilizer are designed.And the fertilizer machine designer also designed the bio fertilizer production line for the producation of the bio organic fertilizer granulator.Well,we are first to share some information with the fertilizer machine in the line.As a whole,producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator we can divided into three parts:Fermentation- crushing and mixing part--Granulating.

The line is designed for prroducing the bio organic fertilizer granulator

Fermentation compost:

When producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator in the bio fertilizer production,we can use the raw material of the cow manure ,chicken manure and other animal manure.Before we use that,we must use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the animal manure for sometime to kill the bacteria.We can use the double screw fermentation compost turner machine to finish the process.Because using the machine not only can improve the working efficient,it also can save more time for the producing.

Crushing and Mixing:

After fermenting the raw material,we then use the fertilizer crusher machine and the fertilizer mixer machine to deal the raw material.We use the fertilizer crusher machine,which different type machine we can choose,to crush the big raw material.Then put the raw material into the fertilizer mixer machine,it can be the horizontal mixer machine or can be the vertical mixer machine.Different type fertilizr machines can be choosen according to your producation yield.

The video of the bio fertilizer production:


Making the fertilizer into the granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is a main equipment in the bio organic fertilizer production line.Producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator we can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine or the roller press granulator machine to make the bio organic fertilizer...

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