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High Quality Feed Pellet Mill On Sale

The flat die pellet machine is simpler to operate than the ring die pellet machine. It is suitable for individual farmers, small medium-sized farms, and feed processing plants. It has high automation and one person can operate, effectively saving labor intensity. It is indispensable feed machinery for feed processing enterprises and breeding plants.

High-Quality Flat Die Pellet Machine

The flat die feed pellet machine uses the shaft to drive the pellets without the need for a belt. Using high-tech technology. It is much more common than the original belt. The machine does not need to add any water to make the pellets. The rotation is stable, the noise is low, and the feeding depends on the gravity of the material itself to avoid clogging. It can effectively remove the gas in the material and increase the tightness of the product.


Due to the low line speed, the noise generated during operation and the wear of the parts reduced. The high-fat, high molasses product roll bearing has long-lasting lubrication and special sealing. Which prevents lubricant contamination during the pelletization process. Reducing the loss of lubricant. The feed pellet machine has a variety of flat molds with different pore sizes and compression ratios. Users can choose flat molds with different pore sizes and compression ratios according to different needs to obtain the best technical and economic benefits.

New Flat Die Pellet Machine Test Machine Steps

1. Preparation materials: feed pellet machine, 5 kg corn flour, 2 kg oil/food oil, 5 kg fine sand.

2. First of all, the cornflour mixed oil test machine for 15 minutes (the first time mixed into 1-1.5kg, the amount depends on the humidity of the raw materials).

3. Then, after preheating the pellets in the standby unit, 1/3 of the fine sand mixed into the oil and ground for 15 minutes.

4. Stir the 1/3 fine sand into the oil again, add a little oil or food oil, and grind for 15-20 minutes.

5. Mix all the remaining fine sand into the oil, add a little oil, and grind for 15-20 minutes.

When the flat die pellet machine tested, it should fully ground for 1 hour, and then the machine is in use. In this way, the material discharged smoothly and the surface of the pellets is smooth. If you do not follow this operation, there may be a phenomenon that the mold does not discharge and the machine is stuck. After the first test, in order to increase the service life of the machine. It is recommended to use the material produced by the first test machine once every time before shutting down and starting the machine to prevent the occurrence of the blockage.


Popular Feed pellet Machine

1. The flat die feed pellet machine has the advantages of simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space, low noise, and stable operation.

2. Powdered feed, grass powder can pellet without adding a little liquid. The moisture content of the pellet feed is basically...

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