Guidance On Establishing A Biomass Briquette Production Plant

Location of the biomass briquette production plant is very vital, and the best position should be near the supply of raw materials and also close to the consumers. One should also carry a good market analysis to ascertain the competition and what is driving the demands of the briquette. It is also vital to know and meet all the legal requirements and ensure the business is registered as required by the relevant authority.

biomass briquette making machine

What Raw Materials Can The Briquetting Plant Process

1. Wood wastes: sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, logs, branches, logs, etc.

2. Agricultural wastes: groundnut shell, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalk, robacco waste, coffee husk, mustard stalk, wheat straw, soybean husk, rice husk, etc.

3. Other biomass: coconut shell, palm fiber, bamboo waste, etc.  

raw materials for making biomass briquettes

Features Of Complete Biomass Briquette Plant

1. Large output and many choices. The output of the rod making machine is large, and there are many types of equipment to choose. Capacity: 200kg/H ~ 1T/H with screw briquetting machine; 500kg/H ~ 5T/H with punching biomass briquette press.

2. No binder needed in the briquette production process. Each small set of briquette machine is an inseparable system, which guarantees the complete operation of the briquette machine factory with simple operation and first-class quality.

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