Gregg guarantees the quality

Gregg guarantees the quality

"If we want to supply a packing machine that we can rely on for 300%, then we need to be sure that it is perfect. We know that thanks to the Gregg."

At Prinzen, Sander Luiten and Patrick te Lindert are responsible for, among other things, assembling the egg packers; quality is of paramount importance to them. The Gregg, a self-developed robotic egg full of electronics, is a valuable tool in this respect: "If the tests show that a machine does not meet our requirements, it will not leave the factory. We have to be completely satisfied".

What is the Gregg?
Patrick explains: "The Gregg is a kind of robot egg, we use 10 pieces for testing. Each egg is full of sensors, when the eggs roll over the packer and collide with other eggs, they register the g-forces that are released. Every touch in the machine gets a number and at the end of the test a final number comes out. Of course, this should be a sufficient mark, as in school".

 "Until now, we had to tune the packer to the eye, but now we notice that you miss a lot. In this way, we reduce the proportion of breakage, which is important to poultry farmers, of course."

"All machines that leave here are tested with the Gregg, if the number is too low we will improve. A test takes 10 minutes, we carry it out step by step. It's not particularly time-consuming, of course,...

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Steffie Jansen

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