Fish Feed Extruding Production Line

The small scale fish feed pellet production line Fusmar Machinery provided featured simple structure and easy operation. It is suitable for different materials and production conditions, which makes it the perfect pellet making machine for small or middle size commercial feed pellet mill or people who is going to start aquaculture business.

fish feed pellet production line

Fish Feed Pellets Benefits

Pellet feed is widely used in fish farming production. More and more fishing ground, fishing village and fish farmers will choose pelleted feed. The fish feed pellet is in increasing demand around the world. Currently, in many countries, the feed pellet mill is in expansion or construction to meet the demand of fish farming or production. It is recommended to actively improve the fish feed pellet machinery production quality and efficiency, and gradually produce the fish feed that contains a variety of reasonable nutrition of full price so as to promote the development of fish production, improve economic efficiency, adapt to the new situation of fish production feed requirements. The benefits of fish feed pellets are as follows:

1. The nutrition of fish feed pellet is comprehensive since it contains all sorts of microelements (protein, adipose, crude fiber, vitamin, etc.) that is needed for fish growth.

2. The lost and waste of feed pellet is less and the feed utilization is high.

3. Keep the fish pond water in good quality and reduce production cost

4. Beneficial to the prevention and treatment of fish diseases.

5. Casting bait is convenient, labor saving, and suitable for automatic casting bait, which is conducive to the mechanization of fish farming.

fish feed extruder machine

Fish Feed Pellet Types

1. Floating Fish Feed.

2. Sinking Fish Feed.

3. Slow Sinking Fish Feed / Fish Bait.

fish feed pellets for farming

Fish Feed Production Process

The complete fish feed extruding production line includes: crusher, mixer, extruder, dryer, flavor roller, cooling machine and packaging machine. Related Equipment: Animal Feed Processing Machine

Please Note: This feed pellet production line is also suitable to make feed food for pets, including dog and cat. 

fish feed production line

1. Raw Materials Crushing

In order to ensure efficient feed pelletizing, the raw materials should be crushed into smaller pieces. For much smaller pieces, the airflow with high pressure in the rotating hammers can make the materials into smallest pieces.

2. Raw Materials Mixing

Crushed raw materials will be mixed to improve the nutrients and quality of the final produced fish feed pellets.

3. Feed Pelletizing

The fish feed extruder machine is adopted to make feed pellets. It has wide...

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