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feed pellet mill is key fact to make qualified feed pellets

feed pelletizing is widely used for its nutritional benefits and physical benefits such as, easy handling, ingredient segregation reduction, feed wastage reduction, and high bulk density. According to C.R. Strark’s study, the influence of the mentioned factors are feed ingredient formulation, particle size, conditioning and die specifications are the main factors that influence feed pellets quality.feed pellet quality is largely affected by formulation 25%, conditioning 15%, particle size 20%, cooling 5%, die specification and throughput 20%.

how does feed pellet mill make qualified feed pellet?

feed pellet mill is the core equipment is feed pellet production. The inherent specifications of a feed pellet mill will largely affect the pelletization of pellets. These specifications are die dimensions, die speed and roller-die gap, etc.

Generally, the pellet are made by the interaction of roller and die under the interaction of three main forces, which are roll force, radial force, and tangential force. Generally processing are like this: feed stocks are conveyed to the pelletizing chamber, where the rollers will press the mash into die holes with the pressure of rollers and the feed pellets are formed in the die holes and extruded and cut off by knife.

Factors determining pellet quality
Pellet quality is measured in terms of Pellet Durability Index (PDI). PDI is defined as the percentage of pellets in finished pellet feed
Feed = Pellet + Fines
PDI = (Pellet-fines)/Pellet × 100
Less PDI means the pellet is too soft and leads to create more fines at farm level resulting in wastage of feed while high PDI means pellet is too hard and it affects feed intake.
Different testers are available to test PDI namely, Holmen tester, Khal tester and KSU...

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