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FACZYME Complex enzyme for poultry feed -Water soluble powder

BJM691—FACZYME Complex enzyme for poultry feed (water soluble powder)

Components of the product:Cellulase, xylanase,beta-glucanase, amylase, mannanase

Product specification: powderNet weight 25KG/bag

Dosage: 100-150g/ton complete feed or 100-150g/ton water

Shelf Life: 12 month

Product component theory and efficiency

1 The product is suitable for poultry feed with complex components, can degrade cellulose, xylan, beta-glucan and anti-nutritional divisor in daily ration. Break cell wall of plant; reduce chyme viscosity in intestinal tract. Enhance the efficiency of nutrition of daily feed.

2 The oligosaccharide produced during breaking procedure can help to reduce pathogenic bacteria,promote the producing of beneficial bacteria. Enhance the immunity function.

3 Increase inner digestive enzymes; promote the absorption rate of protein, starch and other nutrition in daily feed. Enhance the availability of feed.

4 Can widen the...

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