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Extrusion technology in feed and food processing

Process description

Commercial extrusion processing of food and feed products has been practiced for more than 60 years. Spiral extruders were first used as continuous cooking devices in the late 1930s. The first commercial application of this extruded cooking process was in the mid-1940s. The end product is the puffed corn meal snack. Today, extrusion cookers have become the main continuous cooking equipment in the commercial production of most dry pet food and aquatic feed as well as some applications of livestock feed.


Dry puffy pet food was first produced by squeeze cookers in the 1950s. The dry and expanding pet food market has become the largest annual production of extruded cooking in the United States and the world since its launch. The principle of producing pet food through extrusion processing applies to most commercial animal feeds, such as livestock and aquatic products.


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Raw material characteristics and selection

Raw material formulation, process equipment selection and processing conditions are independently controlled areas and can be used in extruded cooking of pet food, aquatic products and livestock feed.


Raw material utilization and cost-effective formulation are key operational factors. The ability to change processing conditions and ingredients recipes to keep recipe costs to a minimum while maintaining high quality standards and minimum operating costs is a challenge for every processor.


Composition selection has a great impact on final product quality, uniformity, extrudability, nutritional quality and economic feasibility. Within certain limits set by nutritionists, the extrusion cooking process can produce a variety of products. Usually, during the extrusion and cooking of a mixture of grains and proteins, moist particles or powdery substances are converted into dough. Gelatinization of starch components leads to large water absorption and increased dough viscosity. Some protein components may affect the...

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