EXCLUSIVE: Top tips to cut antibiotics in poultry: 2

EXCLUSIVE: Top tips to cut antibiotics in poultry: 2

Practical ideas on reducing or eliminating the use of antibiotics in producing poultry meat and eggs were presented by speakers at Poultry Summit Europe 2016, organised by VIV worldwide. Scroll down to read some of their suggestions.

Cut antibiotics in poultry

2: Feed chicks soon after hatching

Early feeding of the newly hatched chick has much to recommend it, according to speakers at Poultry Summit Europe 2016, organized by VIV worldwide. Not least, that it prepares the way for healthier birds requiring fewer treatments with antibiotics.

Among claims made for benefits from providing immediate access to feed after hatching are that this promotes better gut health and lower first-week mortality as well as heavier chicks at day-old with an improved immune system.

Perfect fuel

Do not miss the opportunity of starting with feed and water during the hatch window, declared Adriaan Smulders, poultry technology manager, Cargill Premix & Nutrition EMEA. Provide the perfect fuel in terms of ingredient selection and physical form to develop microflora and immunity, limit   the substrate available for the growth of pathogens and encourage the development of a physical barrier within the gastro-intestinal tract

“Early feeding of chicks needs the best ingredients,” he said, “These should be processed into mini-pellets that the bird can ingest...

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