Energy-saving, efficient, green and innovative ZHENGCHANG hammer mill


Grinding is one of the key processes in feed production. Feed grinding section refers to the process of making feed particles smaller by impacting, shearing, grinding, etc., aiming at increasing the surface area of feed particles for better digestion and absorption, as well as for more efficient subsequent processes. Its performance directly affects the quality, output, power consumption and cost of feed production. 

ZHENG CHANG attaches great importance to the development of green and energy-saving projects and provides sustainable feed equipment and solutions to the world through innovative technology. ZHENG CHANG offers various types of hammer mill with significant increase in efficiency and less power loss, which is widely used for the grinding of shrimp, crab, animal protein, cassava, forage, wood, biomass energy, etc. 


● ZHENG CHANG SFSP 138×75F Champion Hammer Mill
Innovative design and increase of nearly 30% in grinding efficiency. Feeding amount can be adjusted automatically for full load operation and higher efficiency. The multi-cavity design of grinding chamber ensures more uniform abrasion of hammer and sieve, helping increase the service life of wearing parts. Grinding fineness and uniformity are improved by more than 30%.


● ZHENG CHANG SFSP 60E Hammer Mill
Used for grinding all kinds of pellet materials including corn, sorghum, wheat, bean. Adjustable coarse and fine grinding modes. Suitable for the fine grinding of fibrous, high-moisture and brittle materials.


● ZHENG CHANG SFSP 112F Hammer Mill 
Innovative design for the fine grinding of fibrous, high-moisture and oily materials. Especially for grinding dried fish, cottonseed meal, corn on the cob, shrimp shell and high-moisture (17~24%) corn, etc.


● ZHENG CHANG SFSP 120×110A Pig Feed Hammer Mill 
Optimized design of equipment core assembly,...

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