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For making fish pellets, most of people will pick floating fish feed pellet extruder. As the fish feed pellets floating above the water is effortless to be ate via the fishes. Meanwhile, it can limit the air pollution of the fish feed. The floating fish feed pellets is puffed in the forming mildew below excessive temperature, so it is cured and handy to be digest through the fishes. Even although we call this kind pellet mill as fish feed pellet extruder, however, the pellets made by way of if can additionally be used for feeding pet and different planktons. The diameter of the remaining pellets can be 0.9-10mm as you want. It can be floating kind or sinking type. If the ratio of starch in the uncooked substances is much less than 35%, then the pellets will be sinking in the water. 

Normally, the floating fish feed pellet extruder is driven by electrical motor. However, as the lackness of electric power in some place, we design the diesel engine floating fish feed extruder for our clients. It can be used in the field and without the limit of the electric.

<h2>Application of Diesel Engine Fish Feed Extruder</h2>
diesel engine floating fish feed pellet mill making machine produces of floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, floating shrimp feed, sinking shrimp feed, crab feed and pet feed. The produced feed is suitable for cat, dog, pig, bird, fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals.

And the diesel fish feed machine is suitable for small, medium family production, and large professional feed processing...

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