Development of Fish Feed Pellet Machine

The early-stage extrusion processing was mainly used in food processing industry. Since the nineteen fifties, America had started to use this technology for feed processing field, especially for processing pet food and pretreatment of feed ingredients. Till the nineteen eighties, it has become the fastest developing technique of feed processing industry in the world, and has started to be applied in each sphere of feeding stuff industry, widely used for dry pet foods, some applications for livestock feed and fish feed. With the unceasing development of technology and the continuous rising of people living standard, the growth of aquaculture must follow the principle of producing green food without pollution, bringing significant attention and lots of intensive study on aqua feed production technology. And there is a consensus that adopting extrusion process to make fish feed is the major means to ensure producing high quality and safe aquatic products for human health, which is also a trend for feed industry progress in the future.


Currently, the main extrusion equipment applied in aquatic feed production is single screw fish feed extruder machine which is also divided into dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder machine.

High quality ingredients (fish meal, cereals, vegetable proteins …) are selected and ground according to the specific nutritional and pellets size requirements of the aquatic animals.The particle size distribution is a key factor for premium granulates production : therefore the grinding step is an important unit operation. The powder is then mixed with minor ingredients such as vitamins, mineral premixes… prior to the preconditioning.

With different parameters and feed formulation, fish farmers and feed plants can make floating, sinking and slow-sinking feed with high quality and nutrition so as to adapt for diverse ingestion requirements of various aquatic animals. Our floating fish feed pellet machine adopted alloy steel as material, it has been widely used in small-scale and medium-scale fish farm or feed plants to produce aqua feed and also dog/cat pet feed in virtue of its simple structure and low noise. Other than dry type, the wet type fish feed extruder machine is equipped with a boiler that can add vapor constantly into...

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Zeno Pellet Machine

Zeno Pellet Machine


Zeno Pellet Machine are specialized in producing Pellet machine, floating fish feed machine,fish feed production line, pet food machine ,animal feed machine and related equipment.We have years’ of experience of feed machines developing and designing. As an expert in fish feed machines, we are always taking manufacturing and supplying high-quality fish feed production equipment with rational prices as the major goal, and the machines from our company are working well for making qualified pellet fish feed to ensure the profits of fish farmers. We have management, research, production and sales teams.Since the foundation, we have adopted scientific management methods. With fine workmanship, reliable manufacturing process and constant innovation, our company has rapidly developed to be a bright pearl in the pellet making machinery industry in China.

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