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Development History Of The Biomass Pellet Machine

The biomass pellet machine is an indispensable equipment for producing biomass fuel pellets. In the case of increasing energy shortages and deteriorating environment, biomass fuel pellets are the best substitute for coal, oil, and natural gas.


Development History Of The Biomass Pellet Machine

The biomass pellet machine is a straw pellet pressing device extended from the feed pellet machine. The initial stage of the evolution is to process the straw pellets as the feed for cattle and sheep. Later, due to the slogan of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the increase in coal prices, due to the urban environment change. Straw briquettes and straw pellets gradually penetrate into the biomass energy industry, playing an important role in the fuel equipment.

The raw materials of fuel pellets are much higher than the raw materials of feed pellets in terms of roughness and hardness and tend to be much lower than the feed raw materials in terms of adhesion. On the final finished pellets, the fuel pellets often require greater compactness. The diameter is also larger, and the feed pellets tend to be softer and smaller. Renewable energy converted to conventional solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. In the era of energy conservation and emission reduction in all countries of the world, the load adjustment range is wide and adaptable. It can be effectively matched with the user's thermal equipment, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, the economy is developing faster and faster, and the demand for energy is also rising. On the contrary, energy is drying up, and the sustainable use of renewable energy has become an important industry in the world.  



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