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Desiccant packaging prevent moisture entering bottle

Desiccant packaging prevent moisture entering bottle

There are six sources of moisture in pharmaceutical packaging containers. First, the body and the cap material have a certain amount of water, and secondly, the water in the medicine and the desiccant packaging material is evaporated during the production process and storage, and third, the moisture contained in the drug itself; fourth, the packaging material of the packaged product itself contains moisture, released during storage. Fifth, the moisture contained in the air in the packaging bag after the packaging container is sealed. Sixth, after sealing, the water molecules in the outside atmosphere penetrate into the product during transportation and storage.


desiccant packaging


The desiccant physically adsorbs water molecules in its own structure, or chemically absorbs water molecules and changes its chemical structure to become another substance. Affect the number of water molecules in the effervescent bottle:

First, the size of the packaging container (dry space), the humidity requirements of the packaged product (ie, the relative humidity of the predetermined...

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