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Desiccant packaging oxide and non-volatile standards and testing methods

Desiccant packaging oxide and non-volatile standards and testing methods

Desiccant packaging easy oxide detection method: precise measurement of water for test solution 20ml, precision addition of potassium permanganate titration solution (0.002mol / L) 20ml and dilute sulfuric acid 1ml, boil for 3 minutes, rapid cooling, adding potassium iodide 0.21g, Place in the dark for 5 minutes, titrate with sodium thiosulfate titration solution (0.01mol / L), titrate to near the end point, add 5 drops of starch indicator solution, continue titration until colorless, receive the blank solution with the same operation, both consumption The difference between sodium thiosulfate titration solution (0.01mol/L) should not exceed 1.5ml.


vitamin c tube

Desiccant packaging non-volatiles detection method: respectively, precision water, 65% ethanol, n-hexane test solution and blank solution 50ml each placed in a constant weight evaporating dish. The water bath is evaporated to...

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Tina Van

Tina Van

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