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Desiccant packaging for tablets

According to the effervescent tablet medicinal properties, the desiccant packaging principle is to place the desiccant in the cap and seal the bottle through the cap. The package has strict requirements on sealing properties, water molecule control, moisture resistance, water vapor transmission rate, and moisture content of the desiccant. The glucose tablets packaging has achieved the purpose of absorbing water molecules by placing the desiccant in the cap, which requires the material to have good barrier properties to water molecules. Followed by the moisture content of the desiccant and the humidity of the production plant. All of these aspects will lead to the effectiveness of effervescent tablets.


desiccant packaging

The prescription for effervescent tablets consists of the main drug, diluent, binder, disintegrant, lubricant and other excipients. The diluents, binders, lubricants and other excipients used are the same as ordinary tablets. The appropriate variety needs to be selected according to the preparation process. Unlike ordinary tablets, the disintegrant used in effervescent tablets is an effervescent disintegrant, and...

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Tina Van

Tina Van

Business Development Manager, SJZ Xinfuda Medical Packaging Co., Ltd

Xinfuda founded in 2001, specializes in designing, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of ready-made & custom-made plastic packaging products for pharmaceutical and other industries. With standard grade 10000 modern purification workshop and state-of-the-art production facilities & inspection equipments imported from Germany, such as numerically-controlled injection molding machine and blow molding machine, we have developed acknowledged quality plastic (PE, PP, PET etc.) bottles and containers with different capacities (from 5ml to 6000ml), shapes, colors and caps for domestic and oversea clients.

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