COVID-19 and the world

Covit-19 will bring a big change in the world. One by one, all countries world is under the attack of COVIT-19. There is no power in the world including G-5, G-7, G-8, G-20 could escape from this attack. UN or WHO or similar institutions never dreamed that the world would ever wear out. The wars around the world have stopped. The infallible weapons of war have stopped. The gunfire stopped in Gaza Valley.

 Fear of death is in the eyes of everybody around the world and they confind themselves in their own home All the power around the world is now inactive like a play doll.  Race, religion, caste, rich, poor, powerful or helpless everyone is living the day with something dark in the future. But the most impotent is the nature will fix manythings during this epidemic period.

 No one has any idea when it will end. Only the people of Wuhan, China, have been able to see the free world after a total locked down for 76 days under the strict law enforcement in China. As no other country in the world has been under house arrest like this, so far no one has been able to feel safe. How long the activities could have suspended! One month, two months or three months, depending on the countries economic strength. The economy is collapse. Step by step the quarantine process is relaxing in the world and people coming back to work with high risk. There is no alternative but to get out of the house to meet the challenge of basic needs of 780 million people’s survival.  Many times people jump into the fire if necessary, knowing that the whole body can burn, death can occur, because, there is no alternative. We have to make sure one thing now is to keep the physical distance and to be free from external viruses or germs. We can't really guarantee the physical distance 100%. Therefore, it is necessary to create arrangement for cleanliness and disinfection of every workplace. Online or work...

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Kazi Ekhlasul Haque

Kazi Ekhlasul Haque

Vice President of Sales

Project management and consultation in feedmill, hatchery, breeder farming, commercial farming and meat processing. We can help you from your planning to operation management activities. Consultation on investment and technical support.

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