Cost-effective Pelletizing Machine For Dairy Feed Production

Dairy animals such as goats, cows, buffaloes, camels, etc. need to be fed nutritious food so that they can produce a good amount of milk every day. Dairy feed pellets have all the essential components mixed in them that are needed to make nutritive milk.  

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Animal feed pellet machine is used to manufacture dairy feed of different diameters (2 to 10mm usually) and size. A variety of raw materials such as rice husk, corn, wheat bran, etc. can be used to make nutritious pellets. The choice of raw material depends on the type of animals and their dietary needs. With the continuous improvement of the intensive production level of dairy cow breeding industry, dairy cows feed has been faced with a good development opportunity and starting dairy feed pellet making business is definitely profitable around the world.

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Cost-effective Pelletizing Machine For Dairy Feed Production

Animal feed processing equipment for dairy feed come in different sizes, designs, working mechanisms and price. You can buy one that suits your requirements and budget. Usually, large scale pelleting plant have more equipment and produce more pellets as compared to the small scale animal feed processing equipment. 

Both are different in having a die of a different type. Since the die of dairy feed making machine is wearing part, animal feed machine manufacturers usually suggest to buy the spare parts with your feed pelletizing machine for dairy feed to reduce the cost of shipping. Generally, a large scale dairy feed pellet machine can produce 1 to 15T of pellets in an hour while a small machine can produce up to 1T in an hour. 

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How To Make Dairy Feed Through A Dairy Feed Pelletizing Machine

Using a feed mill machine to make dairy feed does not need much skills and expertise. You can use it to make pellets that can be either sold in the market to make money or fed to your farm animals to lower the feeding cost. Following is the procedure of making feed pellets through a dairy feed pelletizing machine. 

Generally, dairy feed making machine have two types: Flat die feed pellet mill,...

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