Consideration of Fat and Protein in Alternative Feeds:-

Cattle can use many feeds that non-ruminant animals cannot. Thus, cattle producers are uniquely positioned to use new and changing feed ingredients.

Fat:- In addition to the protein in alternative feeds, fat concentrations can be another big issue. Whether we are considering feeding corn co-products, bakery waste, potato chip waste, or chocolate, all of these alternative feeds can be limited in the diet because of their respective fat concentrations

Protein:- Whether we are supplementing cows or feeder cattle, historically, much of our alternative feeds, like distillers grains or corn gluten feed, have been used as a protein supplement. These feeds both contain a great deal of protein and worked well when fed to cows at about 2 to 4 Kgs per head each day or at 1 to 2 kgs for growing feeder cattle..Hindhusthaan Cattle Feeds takes care of all your concerns. We provide 100% natural Cattle feeds (No Urea / No Molasses). We also manufacture Goat/Sheep feeds, Horse feeds. For further details, please visit . To order call +91 - 97868 31113, +91 - 98431 31113.

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Hindhusthaan Cattle Feeds

Hindhusthaan Cattle Feeds

Hindhusthaan Animal feeds is an Indian company founded with a mission to supply high-quality solutions to the Animal Nutrition and Health Industry. Successful solutions for real needs of the Animal Nutrition must be effective, and economically viable. As an initiative, Hindhustaan employs considerable resources in scientific research to offer the market products that are safe, effectively deliver performance and, ultimately, result in positive return on the investment.'

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