Commercial Aircraft Evacuation System Market Growth and Size | Industry Research Report 2025

Surge in aircraft orders propels demand in Global Commercial Aircraft Evacuation System Market

Market Overview:

The global Commercial aircraft evacuation market is expected to reach USD 1.73 billion by 2020, and also likely to grow at a CAGR of 5.96% over the forecast period till 2025.

The aircraft evacuation system is safety equipment and is used during critical conditions to evacuate passengers quickly and safely. With these exhaust systems, the attached slides can be inflated and deployed automatically when the emergency exit is opened and can be found on aircraft such as military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and civil aircraft. The government has also imposed strict regulations for the installation of aircraft exhaust systems, if the height of the escape door is more than 6 feet from the ground. Therefore, the OEM's also installs aircraft evacuation systems in the existing aircraft fleet, which can be called an upgrade. In addition, the aircraft exhaust systems are a set of escape route lights, life raft, and escape slides.

Market Drivers and Restraints:

The main factor influencing the market for Commercial aircraft evacuation systems is the increase in aircraft orders around the world. Manufacturers of commercial and defense aircraft are witnessing a huge demand for commercial and defense aircraft. This factor is likely to be driving the expansion of the global aircraft evacuation market in the future. Another benefits to the aircraft evacuation market is the rising need for emergency landing equipment in new aircraft. Defense forces and air operators are pressuring aircraft and evacuation system manufacturers to develop a lightweight evacuation system and improved safety. It also helps the market to expand in the future.

The growth of the aircraft evacuation systems market is hampered by the short life cycle of aircraft evacuation systems. Systems typically have a life cycle of three to four years, which is not sufficient for the aerospace industry. These systems must be replaced or modernized every three to four years depending on the aircraft. As a result, aircraft manufacturers are limiting their purchases of advanced aircraft evacuation systems, which in turn negatively affects market growth.

Impact of COVID-19:

Coronavirus has changed as a worldwide emergency, expanding at an immense speed. No industry escaped its impact, and designing and development is no exemption. Building and development organizations must act presently to save the honesty of their tasks and ensure their kin.

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Report is segmented as:

Aircraft evacuation Market, by Aircraft Type

  • Narrow Body Aircraft
  • Wide Body Aircraft
  • Very Large Aircraft
  • Regional Transport Aircraft
  • Business Jet
  • Helicopter
  • Fighter Jet

Aircraft evacuation Market, by Equipment Type

  • Life Vest
  • Evacuation Slide
  • Ejection Seat
  • Evacuation Raft
  • Emergency Flotation

The evacuation slides segment is foreseen to witness the highest CAGR during the projection period. This growth is due to the development of new evacuation slides that have a reduced inflation time, high durability and light weight. Additionally, the average interval for an evacuation slide review is approximately three years, with a service life ranging from 12 to 18 years.

Aircraft evacuation Market, by Fit

  • Linefit
  • Retrofit

Geographical segmentation:

Based on geography,

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