“Come fly with me”

“Come fly with me”

Natural, crop based sources for animal feeds around the world, are becoming exhausted in the long term.  A promising alternative however, are larvae. These turn food waste from human consumption, into a protein rich ingredient for livestock nutrition. Or into fertilizer for plant production. Black soldier flies do most of the work. 

By Ad Bal

True to tradition, diets for animal feeds are based on ingredients from plant origin, mainly soy and corn. To a large extent these are originating from large production areas, mainly in North and South America.  These sources however, will in the long term be insufficient to meet the growing demand for food.

After all, the world population keeps growing. Not just that, also prosperity is gradually on the rise. As a result, the demand for food from animal origin on a global scale will keep growing considerably.

At the very same time, food waste on a global scale is of an enormous magnitude. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) calculated that on a global scale this accounts for by around 175 kgs per world citizen annually! This figure applies to both the developed, as well as the developing world. Hence, an enormous loss of useful protein, by estimate a potential of 100 to 150 million tons of protein unutilized.

Larvae workforce
An effective solution to solving this problem is using alternative ingredients, such as larvae. These can be raised on food waste and thus contribute to both “cleaning up” wasted food, as well as serve as a potential, protein rich feed ingredient. A nice way of circularity.

Protix opened up its brand new facility in The Netherlands where they produce breeding stock flies, as well as larvae and end products

Dutch based company Protix are world leading specialists in this field. Recently they opened up their brand new, high-tech production facilities in their home country The Netherlands.

In an earlier stage already, they initiated and founded the insect producer association “IPIFF”. Through this, they were able to unlock new EU legislation in this field, allowing larvae to be used in animal nutrition.  

Larvae of the black soldier fly can easily convert food waste into protein rich animal feed

Protix has the entire cultivation process in house, from breeding to rearing and processing. They raise the black soldier fly, of which its larvae very efficiently turn food waste into high quality protein and lipids. Protix produces insect-based ingredients, predominantly for aquaculture and livestock feed. Last year,...

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