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Charcoal briquette production line

Charcoal Briquette Applications
Charcoal briquette has the advantages of high density,small volume,good flammability,smokfree,tasteless,non-toxic,etc. It’s widely used in heating,BBQ market. In the industry area, it’s the alternative raw material of the coal or heavy oil. 

Material Of Charcoal Briquette Production Line
Many material suitable to make the charcoal briquette, if the wood logs are available, they are very suitable to make the charcoal briquette directly. But since the forest resources are limited, and also this will add the cost, so more wood waste, branches, sawdust,agro waste become alternative raw materials. But these materials need some special process before they become charcoal briquette. 

Process Of Charcoal Briquette Production Line
1. Crushing the material into granules less than 10mm. Below are the crushing machine for wood logs,bratches,straws,agro waste.

2. Dry the granules to make reduce the mositure between 8%-12%,this...

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