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Cattle farm industry develops faster and faster in recent years, traditional feed can no longer meet the feed requirements. Farmers begin to find another kind of feed pellets, which are healthier and more nutritious, easy to digest, easy to store and easy to transport. The raw materials for manufacturing pelleted feed can be grass meal, straw meal, vitamin, hay meal, corn meal, and so on, which are easy to get and is a kind of green raw materials for cattle. Animal feed pellet making machine, you can also make recipes for chicken feed, pig feed, cattle feed, fish feed or other animals using these kinds of raw materials, so that you can get pelleted feeds for all your poultry, livestock, and aqua. 

feed pellet making machine

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Process

Cattle feed plant is a complete set of machinery includes feed crusher machine, feed mixer machine, ring die feed pellet mill, feed cooler machine, and feed package machine.

feed pellet production line

Features Of Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

1. Customizable design for the whole cattle feed pellet plant machinery. For different materials, your specific requirement or you budget, we can add or get rid of some machinery.

2. This animal feed plant has wide capacity scope. Its capacity ranges from 1 t/h to 20 t/h. If you have larger production need, we also can make it for you.

3. PLC control. All the process above will be controlled and monitored by our advanced computer controlling system. 

4. The final pellets is smooth and free of deleterious organisms, improving animal performance.

5. Powerful technology support. We have our own factory to design and manufacture the equipment for the project and we will dispatch engineers to user’s local place for installation, debugging trial run and training, making sure the animal feed production line works well.

6. With reasonable technology,...

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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional fish & animal feed pellet machinery and wood pellet machinery manufacturer. We have our own engineer and sales team to provide best machines and services to our customers worldwide.

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