Bee business

Bee business

At my home I keep a beehive. Since I am now working from my home office I have never been so active in observing my bees as this spring. Those silly bees just keep on going, as if no Corona virus exists! Collecting pollen and nectar all day long, from sunrise till sunset. Just for fun, let me take you along on a little bee knowledge. If a bee has found a new good source of nectar, she will return to the hive an give a little dance to her fellow bees. Yes, that’s right she will communicate by dancing. It is called the bee waggle dance. Her  dance will indicate to the other bees not only the fact that she has found a new source, but also an indication of the quantity, the direction and distance. This is shown by the angle of dance and the length of the inner circle. The other bees will respond immediately and start collecting!

It might seem funny but this is also what I do in my normal working life. I check markets, see what’s going on, talk to people and go back to the office to report about it. Okay, true I do not perform a little dance at the office… Only now during these Corona times it seems I have to change my methods. Being stuck in my own...

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