Basmati Rice Processing Technology in Bangladesh

In its raw form, Paddy cannot be eaten as it needs processing to become fit to be eaten. It consequently undergoes several stages before it appears in stores and supermarkets. Rice milling, is the entire process through which paddy grains are transformed into tasty, succulent rice. A series of processes help clean, sift bundle and segregate Paddy and to remove its impurities before it becomes fit for consumption. 

As Bangladesh is a rice consuming country, Rice milling plant industry in Bangladesh is enormous. Rice milling is accomplished by multiple systems that vary in scale tremendously. These can range from the very small to those requiring very large scale factories. Some of these require ultramodern imported machines based on intricate scientific principles.


Rice procurement is a long and winding process wherein it ’s cultivated by farmers and after being made fit for factories by usage of threshers and harvesters, it reaches the factories. After this, rice processing is an equally complex process.

The Pre-Cleaner is undertaken to resolve pre-cleaning issues that may arise after the transportation.

Paddy Dryers are employed to ensure rice is uniformly dried to be fit for processing. This usually requires preprocessing and minimizes moisture content before...

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