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Ball mill​

The ball mill is a milling equipment used to grind various materials and produce ore pulp, which uses steel balls as the grinding medium. According to different grinding methods, Ball mill can be divided into the dry and wet ways. In general, we adopt the wet grinding method for the ore dressing.

What is a ball mill?

Ball mill developed by FTM Machinery  is a grinding machine, which uses steel balls as the grinding medium. And the ball mill is mainly used for grinding cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, various ores and glass ceramics, etc. Besides, it is widely used in industries such as ore dressing, building materials and chemicals. According to different grinding methods, Ball mill can be divided into the dry and wet ways. In general, we adopt the wet grinding method for ore dressing. 2019043003253237768.png

Ball mill

What materials can be processed by ball mill grinder?

The ball mill machine can grind many kinds of materials like limestone, diabase, calcium carbonate, quartz stone, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, grindable materials, non-metallic ore, non-flammable and explosive materials. The most common application fields are glass factory, ceramics industry and building industry. 2019043005542012649.jpg

Ball mill grinding material

Why does ball mill attract so many miners to invest?

Ball mills sold by FTM manufacturer are unique in following aspects. The product ball mill grinding enjoys the feature of fine discharging size and it has the following advantages like easy to use and operate, high working capacity, simple operation and reliable performance.

According to the material and discharging methods, the FTM dry ball mill and the wet ball mill can be the best choices, because they both have good abrasion resistance, large crushing ratio, superior technology, the national processing standard, high processing precision and good quality.

After the grinding process of ball mill, the discharging fineness is usually 200 mesh, and the fineness can also be adjusted.

Which grinding method does the ball mill usually use for ore dressing?

The ball mill can be divided into the dry grinding and wet grinding methods, and the users can select according to their actual situation. In general, FTM company uses the wet grinding method for ore dressing, and adopts advanced technology that can control the feeding and discharging.

According to the actual grinding materials, FTM equips the ball mill with suitable grinding media and changes traditional surface contact to line contact, so that the discharging size is more even and the yield is higher.

How does a ball mill work?

Working principle


The working principle of ball mill

Firstly, the materials enter the first chamber of the mill uniformly through the hollow shaft of feeder. The chamber has stepped liners with different kinds of steel balls. When the cylinder rotates, the FTM ball mill brings the materials and the balls to a certain height and then let them fall.After continuous impact on materials and balls, the materials are ground roughly in the first chamber.

Secondly, the materials enter the second chamber through a single-layer compartment board. And the chamber is lined with a flat lining plate, some steel balls inside, then FTM ball mill is grinding these materials further. Finally, the materials are ground into fine powder.

Last but not least, the powder is discharged through the discharging raft to complete the grinding work .

What are the similarities and differences between the rod mill and the ball mill?

The ball mill and the rod mill are widely used in the dressing plant,then how to distinguish them? 2019043006112597882.jpg

Ball mill vs Rod mill


The working principle is basically the same. Regardless of the ball mill or the rod mill, when the cylinder...

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