Axion® FeedStim, a "naturally profitable" solution for broilers

Axion® FeedStim, a "naturally profitable" solution for broilers

Axion® Feedstim is an innovative feed solution constituted by a blend of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components, among which a patented scutellaria baicalensis extract. With Axion® FeedStim, the animals production performances are optimized, even in modern contexts, especially as for feed conversion ratio (FCR), growth, reduced mortality... 

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Axion® FeedStim contains a CCPA Group's patented extract of the plant Scutellaria Baicalensis. It improves feed efficiency of broilers by acting on the digestive tractus (higher intestinal absorption surface, cells protection, immunity,…) and general metabolic functions (less lipidic deposition, better growth …).      

Axion® FeedStim improves the profitability by reducing the FCR, the mortality rate and increasing the slaughter weight whatever the rearing conditions are: density, fast-growing genetics, environment parameters, sanitary conditions, climate...

Field trial evidence

Axion® FeedStim has proven its efficiency in many trials around the world regardless of farming context.

One of them, conducted in Eastern Europe on 3.2 million...

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