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Auto Packing Machine Introduction

The auto packing scale has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, strong environmental adaptability, and good system reliability. The packaging refers to the protective layer and decoration on the outside of the object. The package is to protect products during distribution, storage, transportation, and promote sales. Measurement refers to achieve unit unification and quantity transfer.

Auto Packing Machine

This auto packing machine specially designed for granular material packing machinery. It adopts an advanced weighing sensor, special weighing control terminal, programmable controller technology, and single bucket net weight measurement. This machine can realize all the quantitative packaging process of materials.

auto packing machine

How To Work Of The Automatic Packing Scale

When the quantitative packing scale enters the automatic running state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door to start feeding, and the feeding device is a fast and slow feeding mode. When the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, stop the fast feeding, keep slow feeding. The material weight reaches the final set value, close the feeding door and complete the dynamic weighing process, at this time, the system detects whether the bagging device is in a predetermined state.

When the packaging bag has been clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the weighing bucket discharge door, and the material enters the packaging bag. After the material discharged, the discharge door of the weighing hopper automatically closed. The bag squeezing device released and the packaging bag automatically dropped after the material unloaded. After the bag dropped, the bag sewn and transported to the next station. This cycle runs automatically.

auto packing machine

Auto Packing Machine performance Feature

The auto packing machine integrates automatic weighing, conveying, and sewing. It has a compact structure, novel design, and convenient operation.

This pellet packing machine adopts modular design. Highly versatile, it can...

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