Application of Threonine in Feed Addition and Nutrition

L-threonine  is an essential amino acid, and threonine is mainly used in medicine, chemical reagents, food fortifiers, feed additives, etc. In particular, the amount of feed additives has grown rapidly. It is often added to the feed of young piglets and poultry, and is the second limiting amino acid in pig feed and the third limiting amino acid in poultry feed.


Threonine is an important nutritional fortifier, which can fortify cereals, pastries, and dairy products. Like tryptophan, it can restore human fatigue and promote growth and development. In medicine, because the structure of threonine contains hydroxyl groups, it has a water-holding effect on human skin, combined with oligosaccharide chains, plays an important role in protecting cell membranes, and can promote phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in the body. The preparation has the medicinal effect of promoting human development and resisting fatty liver, and is a component of compound amino acid infusion. At the same time, threonine is also the raw material for the manufacture of a class of highly effective and hypoallergenic antibiotics, monoamidocin.

Threonine used in feed:

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of aquaculture, threonine, as an amino acid for feed, is widely used to add piglet feed, breeding pig feed, broiler feed, shrimp feed and eel feed. Has the following characteristics:

——Adjust the amino acid balance in the feed to promote growth;

- can improve meat quality;

- can improve the nutritional value of feed ingredients with low amino acid digestibility;

——It can produce low-protein feed, which helps to save protein resources;

——It can reduce the cost of feed raw materials;

——It can reduce the nitrogen content in livestock and poultry manure and urine, and the ammonia concentration and release rate in livestock and poultry houses.

At present, German scientists have discovered a threonine in human blood, and experiments have found that it can prevent HIV from attaching and invading somatic cells, by interfering with the surface protein of HIV, making it unable to function. The discovery of this amino acid provides a pathway for the development of anti-AIDS drugs.

Nutritional  uses of threonine:

1. It is used to balance amino acids and promote protein synthesis and deposition

It can eliminate the weight loss caused by excessive lysine and reduce the growth inhibition caused by excessive tryptophan  or 

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