Antibiotic Free Poultry Production

Antibiotic Free Poultry Production

In today’s poultry production world, most companies are using antibacterial wipes to reduce bacterial growth on eggs as well as many other wet sanitation methods. As an industry, we have had to learn quickly to meet the increasing demand for antibiotic-free poultry.

One challenge when it comes to ABF poultry production is how to reduce bacterial loads coming from the breeder farms. The eggs are coming through the vent of a chicken, immediately being exposed to not the cleanest of environments. The first line of defense is ensuring that the intestinal health of the birds is good so that there are no additional bacteria being introduced while the egg is being laid. Some companies are trying different prebiotics or probiotics to help with the hen’s intestinal health. Most have found they have to be more diligent with their intestinal health programs starting in the pullet house. Ensuring that pullets have good gut flora will help improve hen health later on. Special attention should be placed on cocci programs and water line sanitation to help establish good bacterial flora.


Another key aspect of mitigating the bacterial...

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