Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine Make Rabbit Feed Pellets

Now, there are many people feed animals like pig, sheep, chicken, rabbit, these animals feed are large demand. Some people buy feed pellets from a pellet production factory, but some choose to make feed pellets for their animals. Fusmar feed pellet mill machine can make high-quality animal feed pellets.

feed pellet mill machine

Making Feed Pellets For Rabbit 

How much do you know when you decide to buy a rabbit feed pellet mill? many people who have little experience in making feed pellets, different people have different questions about pellet mill for making feed pellets. Our animal feed pellet machine can make 2.5–8mm rabbit feed pellets, choosing according to your requirement. The size of different animals using small feed pellets size is not the same, the use of 2.5-4mm chicken. And sheep, the general use of 3-5mm pellets.

rabbit feed pellets for farming

Adjusting Feed Formula To Increase Nutrition Of Feed Pellet Diets 

Nutrition content of feed pellet diet is very important, adjusting the feed formula to increase the content of calcium in diets. Under normal circumstances, calcium diets general for 3.2%-3.5%. Under the condition of high temperature, the amount of calcium can be increased by 4%.

feed pellet making machine

In order to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we design and install all scales highly efficient animal feed pellet production line. The capacity ranges from 100 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h, which is applicable for large feed factory, poultry farms, or home...

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