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Animal Feed Mixer Common Feed Mixing Machine

The feed mixing machine is a mechanical device that uniformly mixes two or more materials through mechanical force, gravity, and the like. During the mixing process, the surface contact surface area of the material can increase to promote chemical reactions. Physical changes can also accelerate. Fusmar is a professional animal feed mixer manufacturer, this article will introduce a common feed mixing machine in detail.

Common Animal Feed Mixer

The feed mixer, whether it is the production of powder or the production of pellets, it all can use. It is a commonly equipment in feed processing machinery. However, there are many types of feed mixers on the market. Which feed mixer is suitable for farmers? Different sizes have different requirements for feed mixers. How do you find a feed mixer that suits you? Here are some common feed mixers.


Vertical Crushing And Mixing Machine

The vertical crushing and mixing machine referred to as an all-in-one machine. It is a favorite feed mixing device for small farmers. Because of its cover a small area, strong function, and low cost, many farmers choose to use this. With the continuous development of feed processing machinery, the vertical crushing and mixing machine has also been upgraded. The upgraded version of the dust-free feed crushing and mixing machine has done a better job in environmental protection and is more suitable for the current breeding environment.


Single Shaft Double Spiral Feed Mixer

The single shaft double spiral feed mixer, also known as the horizontal ribbon feed mixer. It is favored by feed mills and medium-sized farms because of the fully open-top feed port. Which can use with various powder feed machine or feed pellet machine. Therefore, many large and medium-sized feed pellet production equipment often see the horizontal feed mixer. Compared with the vertical crushing and mixing machine, it has a faster mixing speed and a higher output.


U Type Horizontal Feed Mixer

U type horizontal feed mixer adopts a U-shaped barrel structure, which has a stable operation, uniform mixing, no dead angle, clean discharge, and wide application range. The materials thoroughly mixed to increase mixing uniformity. Adopting the novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and the casing can adjust to near-zero position, effectively reducing the amount of material residue. The machine equipped with a grease adding pipeline, the overall structure is more reasonable. The appearance is beautiful, and the operation and...

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