Animal Feed Machine Fusmar Ring Die Pellet Mill On Sale

For higher output of 1-20 T/H, ring die feed pellet mill is an ideal choice. Based on the outstanding features of its large capacity, low consumption and mature technology, it has been very popular among the feed pellets producers like grain feed factory, livestock farm, poultry farm, feed processing industry, etc. Speaking to Fusmar animal feed pellet machine, besides these advantages, its efficiency has improved by about 20% because of adopting high precision gear drive.

ring die feed pellet mill machine

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Features

1. Stable and classical gear driving. Maximum output, low noise, and no slipping.

2. The feed motor is of variable frequency and speed to ensure good pellet quality.

3. Imported high-quality SKF bearings & NAK oil seals to ensure stable and quiet working.

4. High quality ring die with multiple kinds of bore diameters are optional.

5. Adopt the international advanced compensation type spring coupling device. High safety and low fault rate.

6. We support conditioner customization.

7. Pellet size ranges from Φ2mm to Φ12mm, meeting different needs of chicken, cattle, pig, etc. feed production.

8. High automation includes auto-lubrication system, die& roller lifting device and control cabinet. 

poultry feed pellets for farming

Advantages Of Ring Die Pellet Mill

1. First of all, it is a large feed pellet making machine. So it...

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