Animal Feed Machine Can Reduce The Cost Of Raising Pigs

How to reduce the cost of raising pigs? This is a problem that troubles many farmers and even farms. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed machine manufacturer.  

animal feed machine

Next, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery will make a summary analysis of reducing pig raising costs.

1. Choosing piglets. It is recommended that farmers choose to raise cross-generation pigs. Pigs have a strong living ability, rapid growth, and good feeding effect, which is the best choice to reduce the cost of raising pigs.

2. Choosing a good feed. Judging from the feeding characteristics of pigs, pellet feed is easier to eat than powder feed, and can avoid waste. Considering the balance of nutrition, it is possible to feed the full-price compound feed produced by the compound feed processing machinery. According to the nutritional needs of pigs at different growth stages, the feed formula should also be changed in time to provide the most suitable pellet feed for pigs. While feeding the full-price compound feed, it should be supplemented with other feeds, such as beer grains and sweet potato leaves. Which can increase the appetite of the pigs, provide more nutrients, and save feed. If the scale of the farm is small, animal feed pellet production line can also be used to produce pellet feed.

feed pellet production line

3. Supply pigs with sufficient clean water. Water is the source of life. If the pig lacks water, it will affect its own appetite and digestive system, thereby affecting the growth rate of the pig, increasing the supply of feed and increasing the cost of raising pigs.

4. Providing a good growth environment for pigs, and make good epidemic prevention measures. In summer and autumn, the weather is relatively hot, and plants such as gourds and sunflowers can be planted outside the pig house for shading and cooling. In winter, the weather is cold, and it is recommended to use plastic...

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