Activated carbon treatment of waste gas

However, the pore structure of activated carbon was not developed, indicating that the newly formed potassium carbonate in the pore channels was more likely to react with carbon during the activation process of potassium hydroxide, and the pore structure was further developed.According to the standard Gibbs free energy of the reaction, K· Co;

(or K;O) direct reaction with carbon is difficult to be carried out at the activation temperature of 730℃, indicating that they react with -CH- and -CHZ - in petroleum coke and play an activation role.The elemental potassium generated from the activation reaction intercalated and activated the petroleum coke, and the specific surface area of the activated product reached 98m'g1.XRD analysis showed that there were potassium to graphite intercalated compounds in the activated product.According to the study results of activation mechanism, the mixing of additive N can improve the dispersion of alkali and the activation of additive N at high temperature to improve the activation effect.Activated carbon with a yield of 68% and a specific surface area of 2532m'g can be obtained under the conditions of alkali-coke ratio of 3:1, activation temperature of 730℃ and activation time of 30 minutes.At the same time, the amount of hydrogen produced in the activation reaction is large,activated carbon suppliers in china reaching 38cm'g 'min', and hydrogen can be separated and purified.

The experimental results showed that the best desalination effect was obtained when 3mol/L KOH was soaked for 24 hours at room temperature, and the desalination efficiency...

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