Modern animal farming is now reaching its limits, with production remaining below the genetic potential of the animal.

There are three reasons for this:

1. Animals are seen as a combination of systems, with no consideration for how these physiological units interact with one another.

2. It is often disregarded that animals are sensory beings, which is an important element of their physiology, behaviour and well-being. They are living beings capable of integrating and governing themselves.

3. Modern farming methods weaken animals, both at a cellular and individual level (stress, productivity, etc.)


A new approach to livestock

The quality and ethics of production depend on livestock management, slaughtering conditions and food packaging and processing, as well as in large part on the animals’ “Better-Being“. More and more “animal well-being/welfare” approaches are emerging today.

These are based either on simple guidelines (building, feeding procedures, etc.) or on more convoluted principles set out by associations whose objectives, if at all legitimate, seem unrealistic and incompatible with the growing demand for animal protein.

Phodé views animal farming from a holistic perspective, which achieves performance objectives through a “Better-Being” approach. Phodé sees an animal as a whole sensory living being which interacts with its environment. In addition to being more ethical, the “Better-Being” approach is the key to better performance. With this approach, animals play an active role in modern farming and have a better quality of life in order to best meet their needs and move closer to their full genetic potential.


Sensory-cerebral expertise for more productive animal farming

Animals are constantly relying on vital adaptation mechanisms in order to keep their “internal...

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Delphine Gasc

Delphine Gasc

Operational Marketing Manager, Laboratoires Phode

Phodé, designer of leading sensory functional solutions dedicated to animal “Better-Being”, will showcase its original solutions at Viv'Asia. Visitors are invited to meet the company’s technical experts and sales teams to discover a new vision of Animal Care. Expert in the field of functional olfaction, Phodé has a unique scientific approach to the cerebral ecosystem and develops natural solutions to enhance the “Better-Being” of livestock. Research programs and international publications have described Phodé as one of the first laboratories worldwide to fully grasp the direct interactions between stress, appetite and sensitivity to bacterial attacks. All Phodé solutions are positioned as sustainable alternatives and benefit from innovative technologies such as exclusive galenics.

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