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A vivid VIV Turkey 2019

A vivid VIV Turkey 2019

The 2019 edition of VIV Turkey, which took place in Istanbul from June 13 to 15, turned out to be a particularly well visited and vivid exhibition. Senior delegations, including CEOs, from virtually all important Turkish poultry processors came to visit the Marel Poultry stand, while foreign visitors showed serious interest in new projects.

As usual in Turkey, Marel Poultry teamed up with agent Feyzi S.A. Even Ateş Çağlar, Vice President at Feyzi, was surprised by the quality of visitors at the stand.

Foreign markets 

 Besides all Turkish key customers, Marel Poultry could welcome professionals from countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Libya, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, who were very interested in the solutions Marel Poultry offers for automation of poultry processing. As today’s Turkish domestic market is somewhat waiting due to economic circumstances, foreign markets seemed to hold the most opportunities at VIV Turkey. It led to some serious talks about big projects. “Quite remarkable was the visit of the Uzbek Minister of Agriculture to our stand. Uzbekistan is an exemplary country when it comes to growth potential for the poultry industry,” says Fons Romme, Marel Poultry’s new...

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