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A complete approach of mycotoxins management risk

A complete approach of mycotoxins management risk

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary molecules produced by moulds causing a wide range of effects depending on the molecular family, combination of contaminants and rearing environment. Mycotoxins occur differently in each part of the world, according to climate and agricultural practices. Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Fumonisins, Zearalenones and Trichothecenes (DON, T2, H-T2, etc.) are the 5 main mycotoxins families identified causing a lot of zootechnical issues with or without clinical effects.

Wisium has developed a global expertise in the mycotoxins contamination management

In an environment more and more challenging using a simple binding solution is not sufficient. Thus, Wisium offers its customers a complete approach of mycotoxins management risk thanks to a full package of services. This comprehensive solution combines quality control plan support, analysis, technical advice, high-end technical products range T5X and Mycowatch® app.

Analysis is a critical point on mycotoxins risk management and feed producers need to have a quick and efficient way to evaluate mycotoxins contamination.Thus, Wisium is using the AccuScan® tool of Neogen. This tool provides results in minutes, while requiring minimal...

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